Dental Implants

I. Dental Implants (1)The importance of teeth is often ignored in life. This ignorance leads to adverse dental problems. One of the major problems is the tooth cavity. This leads to tooth infection which finally leads to loss of tooth. Losing a tooth hampers the quality of life. If you are one of the victims of this problem, then you can take the advantage of Dental Implants. Tooth N Care provides dental implants in Chennai. This innovative process helps in filling the gap with a new tooth which makes you look beautiful again. This treatment is available now to make your smile.

About dental implant

The process of dental implant involves a fixture which is embedded within your jaw bone. This replaces the natural teeth. After replacement a bone formation occurs in the surroundings. This bone formation helps in firming and stability of the artificial tooth. This innovate technique has benefited millions of people. However, the treatment is a long process treatment. It generally takes several months.

The process

The implantation treatment takes a long time because of the lengthy process. The whole treatment procedure is divided into three steps. Those steps are discussed below:

  1. First step involves the surgical process. In this process the implant is placed in the jaw. A screw is inserted into the jaw to protect it from gum tissue and other debris from entering

  1. In the second step the dentist uncovers the implant and attaches and extension. This extension is called post. The gum tissue heals around the post. After the healing the implant will provide the foundation for new tooth.

  1. In the third and last step the dentist forms an artificial tooth of the required shape and size and fixes it on the foundation.

These steps give you a set of teeth which replace the natural teeth and yet look natural. This innovation has made a million smiles. You can easily adapt this method. You can consult a doctor and get your treatment easily.

Reason to choose

There are several reason behind its specialty. There are huge advantages of getting Dental Implants. People opt for this treatment because it gives huge benefit to people. Some of them are:

  • Enjoying beautiful smile: This treatment gives you the chance to get back that long lost smile in your life. It brings the lost beauty of your smile and with this treatment you can get back that beautiful smile of yours.

  • Eat any food: This treatment gives you a strong tooth. With the help of it you can eat any food that you like. There would be no restriction for you in case of food and cuisine.

  • Durability of teeth: The dental implants give you long lasting teeth. You can enjoy the benefit for lifetime. You have to take proper care to enjoy long.

  • Improvement of oral hygiene: It is needless to say that dental implants improve oral hygiene. This is one of the major reasons why people opt for this treatment.

Apart from all these the topmost reason is utter comfort in life. With this treatment you can get immense comfort in life that is free from dental problems.