Emergency Dentistry

A number of unprecedented events do occur in the lives of people from time to time. The best way to deal with such situations keeping yourself informed about the Dos and donts well in advance. Dental emergencies crop do crop up at odd places and hours, but if you do not initiate a few necessary steps and allow any sort of delay, it might lead to irreparable damage and end up costing you your tooth. First of all you must get in touch with Emergency dentistry and make arrangements for reaching the clinic as soon as possible. Till the patient reaches the emergency room, it is better not to experiment with medicines such as aspirin, which might trigger excessive bleeding.

Better safe than sorry

Following a few basic precautionary measures can save you a lot of harassment and anxiety later on in life. It is a common practice of using ones teeth instead of a knife or scissors for cutting things. This needs to be strictly stopped. Chewing or biting into hard edible items such as kernels of popcorn, ice cubes, certain types of candy is better avoided since they might accidentally crack or break a tooth, requiring the immediate attention of Emergency dentistry. One should only use clean dental floss for removing any residual food that is stuck in between the teeth.

Reacting to emergencies

In addition to regular checkups by a dentist, wearing a mouth guard is an absolute necessity for sports and other recreational activities that might fracture or knock out a tooth. A fractured tooth is a severe problem that needs to be addressed by Emergency dentistry without wasting any time. Before help arrives, the patient can gently rinse the mouth with lukewarm water. In case of facial swelling, cold compress can be applied on the affected area. In case of bleeding, a sterilized gauze can be placed covering the wound.