Gummy Smile

Every individual has his own unique smile and the smiles vary to a great extent depending on the features as well as several other factors associated with it. Gummy smile is the smile which shows more of gums when the person smiles. This usually occurs on the upper teeth. There are several causes which leads to gummy smile. Many patients have abnormal eruption of teeth which leads to the formation of gummy smile. Various bone deformations and improper development of the bones in the upper jaw also leads to the formation of the gummy smile. We offer gummy smile treatment.

Gummy smile can be treated easily with the help of the various treatments with vary from surgeries to various therapies. Surgical lip re-positioning is quite common while treating the cases of the gummy smiles. Also, surgeries are done in the upper jaw to make the teeth more prominent. Maxillofacial surgeries are performed by the surgeries in order to make gums have the required size on the teeth and reposition the bone present in the area. Orthodontic treatments like braces are performed if the patients have got spacious teeth or unnecessary gaps between the teeth. The periodontists perform crown lengthening procedure which is targeted to make the teeth look longer and more prominent when the patients smile.

The patients are educated properly regarding the proper maintenance of the gums and teeth after the gummy smile treatment is done. Proper maintenance ensures that the patients will be able to have beautiful smile for many years after the treatment is done. The initial maintenance period requires scheduled appointments for the checkups of the patients. Then, gradually patients are able to know the importance of following proper oral hygiene habits as well as monitoring daily diet. Thus, gummy smiles are a temporary state which can be easily transformed permanently by the cosmetic dentistry treatments within an estimated period of time.