Single Teeth Replacement

Teeth is a vital part in your body. You understand very well, when you miss one of them. Still you think to delay single teeth replacement. You feel to replace multiple teeth and thus pay a dentist single time. You make the mistake there. Implanting single teeth is easier and makes the set of your teeth secured enough. In case of multiple teeth, dentist have to replace the teeth on the two sides, so that the implantation can remain stable, while in case of Single Teeth Replacement, there is no such requirement. Single teeth can be crowned singularly, just by using cement or screw. There are some of the features that you will help you to make the decision. Here are they:

  • While replacing single teeth the neighbouring teeth remains healthy and secured.

  • While implanting single teeth, the root of the teeth is also replaced so your teeth bone is better maintained.

  • The root replacement integrates the teeth with the jaw bone. Hence your teeth set is better preserved.

  • It is easier to keep single teeth, which is replaced, clean than that of a bridge. So a long term support is ensured.

  • Chances of bacteria to decay your teeth is lesser in case of single teeth, while that is more in case of a bridge.

Easy process least hazard

The process of replacement is easy and you will be feeling least hazard for that. The screw or the implant will be placed over the jaw initially. Then the replacing teeth or the crown will be placed over the screw to fix the issue. It will not take more than 15 minutes to complete the full operation and you along with your teeth set will remain secured for a longer time. So implant your teeth fast, without delaying for a bridge.

Single Teeth Replacement