Bite Wing X-rays

Bite Wing x-rays are one of the type of radiographic types in the field of dentistry. These type of x-rays are used very commonly in the diagnosis process in several streams of dentistry. Usually dentists recommend a patient for bite wing x-ray only when the patients teeth are required to be seen in a proper way which is not seen in the intra oral periapical radiographs.

Bite wing x-rays provide a detailed knowledge of the dental caries in the teeth in sequence. Moreover, the dental problems in the surrounding areas as well as adjacent teeth can also be diagnosed via bite wing x-rays. The best part is that the x rays can be magnified with the help of the latest technology available in the field of dentistry Day by day, more number of advances are being introduced to make the process of radiography much simple and more focused on the diagnosis.

The bite wing digital x rays as well as the bite wing film x rays are of great benefits to the dentists in their clinical diagnosis cases. Moreover, the bite wing x rays ensure that many teeth can be targeted in the x-ray and with the help of a proper bite of the patient a good x-ray can be taken by the radiologist. In the bite wing x-rays, the radiation exposure for the patient is reduced to a great extent This ensures that this type of radiographs is safe for the patients in the long term. Various periodontal diseases and bone loss amount in the patients can be easily seen and compared with the adjacent teeth to advice a treatment for the particular patient. Various bite problems in the patient can be recorded in the x-rays and further proper treatment can be done for the patients. Moreover, various tumours in the mouth in any of the teeth quadrants can be detected on the bite wing x-rays.