Tooth coloured braces

Tooth coloured braces are one of the most popular and most demanding type of braces since its time of establishment. It has actually won the heart of several patients who want to look good in their smile and not let the braces interfere in their smiling confidence.

tooth colored braces

Tooth coloured braces are also known as clear braces as they are not visible directly as some different colour in the patients mouth. This ensures that the patient is able smile freely anytime with improved confidence. These braces consist of the brackets and the arch wire. The bands are not present in this which is one of the major plus points of this type of braces. This occurs because the tooth coloured braces are self-ligating in nature. The brackets are the part of the braces which connect the arch wire to the tooth. The brackets in the tooth coloured braces are absolutely clear in colour and therefore they look the same as the colour of the teeth. In the last few decades, the brackets used were made up of only metals. But now, several other much better and more durable materials like plastics and ceramics are used in the brackets. There are several options of the tooth coloured brackets and so the patient can freely choose the ones he is fond of.

The arch wire of these braces are also of the clear structure and therefore the patients have no difficulty in getting the tooth coloured braces done. The functioning of the braces is absolutely the same like that of the any other braces. It is the aesthetic features of the tooth coloured braces which makes the difference. In this way, tooth coloured braces are of great benefit for the pedodontic patients as well as the adult patients and ensure successful completion of the treatments of the patients.