Mouth Guard for Night Grinding

mouth guardMany patients have the habit grinding teeth unconsciously at night. These people are treated first by controlling their daily habits and lifestyle. Teeth grinding is famously known as bruxism. The exact cause of the night grinding is yet not known. But some of the most commonly known sources which can cause night grinding habit is stress, anxiety or because of getting hurt due to someone else mistakes. Sleeping disorders or routine late night sleeping takes a toll on the health of the individuals.

Mouth guards are one of the most effective mouth guards in the treatment of night grinding. There are several types of mouth guards available in the recent times for treating night grinding or bruxism habit permanently in the patients. Mouth guards are basically behavioural therapies. Some similar yet alternative treatments are the mouth splints. Patient who have the tendency to grind the teeth after they go off to sleep can get their own mouth guards. The mouth guards evenly distribute the forces faced by the teeth in a much better and appreciating way. Dentists create personalized type of tooth guards which lead to increase in the demand of other toot guards. The mouth guards which are provided to the patients by the dentists will ensure that the patients will have comfortable fitting of the mouth guards in the patients mouth for an appreciating period of time. The life of the mouth guards is usually very short. On average a single mouth guard lasts for less than one year but costs much less than that of the other types of the behavioural therapies.

The underlying causes can be controlled with practice of wearing of the mouth guards. It ensures that the patients have no discomfort at the time of the night grinding nor any patient require any type of the modern techniques and therapies.