Myofunctional Appliances

Myofunctional appliances are one of the most commonly recommended treatments in the field of orthodontic dentistry. The muscles which surround the teeth and the jaws of the patient contribute to a great extent to the movement of the teeth and jaws in the growing children. The muscles are utilized well in the orthodontic treatments involving the myofunctional appliances. These appliances are given in order to bring the teeth and jaws in place in the orthodontic treatment. The myofunctional appliances provide calculated forces on the teeth and the jaws thus leading to the changes which lead to the success of the treatment. These appliances are best used in case of growing children. The success rates of the myofunctional appliances is quite appreciating and most of the cases treated with myofunctional appliances have been proved to be a victory for the dentists.

myofunctional appliance

Theseappliances are available in various types depending on the case of the patient as well as the requirements of the patients. The removable appliances can be removed by the patient according to his will. This ensures that the patients can determine their ease with the use of the myofunctional appliances. Some of the commonly used removable myofunctional appliances are Bionator, Twin Block and Frankel. The fixed appliances are the ones which can be removed only by an orthodontist and the patients ensure that the treatment is monitored and changes are made according to the improvements occurring in the case. The fixed ones are the best option in the myofunctional appliances when the children are not co-operative with the orthodontist and dont wear the appliances as and when told by the orthodontist. Herbst is a popular fixed myofunctional appliance. It is best used in the patients who are on the verge of completion of their growth phase. The parents of the children who are being treated need to be advised to maintain the appliances really well to ensure that the appliances are not neglected and proper progression occurs in the treatment.