Metal Braces

Metal braces are one of the most popular treatments in the field of orthodontics. Metal braces have improved to a great extent in the last few decades and now orthodontists are able to achieve the best results from the orthodontic treatments. In this way, metal braces are really liked by the dentists as well as orthodontic patients. The trust gained by this type of braces has made it very easy for the patients to gain lot of improvements in their dental health and aesthetics. Moreover, these braces are comfortable and are now even smaller in size which is acceptable for the orthodontic patient. The coloured bands in the braces are just wonderful for many of the pedodontic patients.

The metal braces are placed in such a way that there is constant force shifting the teeth in the planned direction. This leads to the feeling of the loosening of the teeth to which the braces have been attached. Once the treatment is on the verge of completion, this feeling automatically vanishes and the patients feel absolutely like before. Many of the patients are given headgears or rubber bands to aid their treatments according to the patients condition. In this way, you can see that the patients will be able to get their dental as well as jaw related problems treated at the same period of time. The material used in the metal braces are usually titanium or stainless steel. Moreover, the metal braces consist of 3 parts which includes the brackets, arch-wire and rubber bands.

The time duration of the metal braces treatment depends on the type of the treatment and the teeth involved in the treatment. Moreover, the patients several other condition are taken into consideration which leads to a proper time estimation for the dentists as well as the patients. Thus, metal braces are of great use for patients of different ages to improve their alignment of the teeth and boost their confidence.